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Hand-picked by Rachael!

Here at Palmer’s, we have great relationships with farmers from all over the state, but none more so than with Tommy at Sherwood Farm in Easton. For years, my mom, Cindy Palmer, has been stopping there bi-weekly to pick-up fresh eggs, which we sell at Palmer’s Market, and to drop off our Palmer’s Bakery breads, which he sells at his market.

For a big supermarket, getting produce from small farmers is harder to get than one might think. Most small farmers don’t deliver, and are often hesitant to share such large portions of their crops because they have their own client’s orders to fill. So every year, Mom begs and pleads with Tommy to let us bring a sampling of his bounty to share with you in Darien. And guess what, he said yes!

To celebrate the occasion, my daughter, Rachael, and I decided to tag along on Mom’s latest trip to the farm, and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat! Every squash, berry and herb looks like it belongs in a photo shoot! I loaded my basket with gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, bi-color corn and squash. Rachael insisted we get some raspberries, and started eating them before we could even check out (yum!). We went home and cooked up a feast.

If you have the time, take a drive up to Easton and check out the farm. Rachael also enjoys visiting the petting zoo which is right up the street. If Easton is not in your driving path, you’ll be pleased to know our first order just arrived at Palmer’s Market today! Our produce department has a spectacular display of Tommy’s produce including; 8 Ball Squash, Green Peppers, Mini Cucumbers, several varieties of Eggplant, Bi-Color Corn, Tomatoes and more! Be sure to look out for the ‘local’ signage at Palmer’s and make weekly visits to see what new goodies we get in!

Deliciously yours,
Megan Palmer Rivera

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