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How it works

Become a Palmer's Insiders and start earning points*!

Collect and redeem your points on ‘Palmer’s Picks’ (aka products we LOVE!).

Every week, we will be highlighting one product/brand (shown below). If you’re interested in trying that week’s pick, you can use your points to redeem that item. Not interested? Save ’em for next week’s pick!

Every Tuesday night, we’ll send an email revealing the ‘product of the week’, along with our weekly sales flyer. If you’re not currently signed up with Palmer’s, fill out the form below. Be sure to select ‘YES’ on questions 3 so you’re opted in to our emails.

Not sure how many points you’ve got? Send an email to info@palmersdarien.com and be sure to include your name and phone number.


Wednesday, September 23 – Tuesday, September 29

Ice Cream

What’s your flavor? Enjoy classics like Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs or local brands like Van Leeuwen or Nutty Bunny. Whether it’s an original, dairy-free or vegan variety, the result is rich, decadent ice cream. Why not add a scoop on top of your favorite fall pie?

Use your Palmer’s Points towards any Ice Cream product this week!

Coming Soon



Stop by Palmer's front office with any additional questions.

How do I become an Palmer’s Insider?

You can sign-up online (by submitting the form above) or in-store by visiting Palmer’s Front Office.

How do I get “Palmer’s Points"?

To ensure you earn points on your purchases, you need to associate your account at the register, every time you shop. You do this by entering your telephone number on the credit card pin-pad during check-out. You can also ask the Cashier to look-up your account. Points values will vary depending on the product mix you purchase. See “Terms and Conditions” for details on point accrual rates

How do I know if I am already signed up?

If you were previously enrolled for any Palmer’s Rewards program, you should already be enrolled as an Insider. You can check, by asking at the front desk, or by inputting your telephone number on the credit card pin-pad during check-out.

Do I need to Carry a Card?

No, once signed up, you can use your telephone number associated to your account at the register during check-out.

What's a Palmer's Point and how do I redeem them?

As a Palmer’s Insider, you’ll earn .5 point for every $1 you spend. Each week, we will be selecting one or more products, that will be labeled as the week’s ‘Palmer’s Pick’. The point value of each Palmer’s Pick will be noted. You can use your Palmer’s Points, to receive this item for free. If you do not have sufficient points, you can use your Palmer’s Points towards that item, and pay the remaining balance in cash. Palmer’s Picks will run weekly from Wednesday thru Tuesday. Palmer’s Points can only be used to purchase that week’s Palmer’s Picks.

How do I know what the Palmer’s Pick is?

Palmer’s Picks will be emailed out on Tuesday night along with the sales flyer. If you do not receive these emails, please let us know, and we can add your email to the list. You can also find the Palmer’s Pick of the week listed on the printed sales flyer which is located at the front office in-store. If you’re shopping in-store be sure to look for the product’s signage.

Do my Palmer’s Points Expire?

Yes, points earned during the 2020 calendar year will expire on August 31.
– We will be rolling out a new rewards program in September.

Can I get Cash Back for my points?

No, Palmer’s Points have no cash value.


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