At Palmer's, We're Family

The Palmer Family is proud to be celebrating 100 years of incredible employees. Their smiles, hard work, and dedication have made Palmer’s what it is today. We’re proud to work with over 100 employees, many whom have been for generations. Stop by the store and say hello – we’d love to get to know you.

Sharon Ormsbee


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:At the Springdale store, Joey and Al would invite all the ladies to a drink before we left for Christmas. I’d look forward to that time together.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:My favorite product is our Chips and Truffle Dip. Yum!

Favorite Hobbies:Gambling and play with my dog Teddy.

Tony Mica


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:I love the creativity and bringing in new products and watching them prosper. It’s great being able to travel out to California and Chicago for food shows.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:My favorite Palmer’s product is Palmer’s Chips Truffle Dip.

Favorite Hobbies:I play bass guitar in a heavy metal band, Continuum.

Gene Daddona


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:During Christmas, one woman came in and gave me the cookies she baked. Also, the people that work here make it feel like a family and a community together.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:My favorite Palmer’s product is Coffee Cake from the Bakery.

Favorite Hobbies:Skiing, going on Mystic Whaler, and sailing.

Mike Manginelli


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:My favorite memory of Palmer’s – just after my wife Noemie, had the twins, Palmer’s was kind enough to send us a delicious family meal.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:I love our Pineapples. They’re always sweet. My guilty pleasure is cinnamon rolls.

Favorite Hobbies:Big fan of Marvel, love going to the gym and spending time with my wife and kids.

Dave Walsh


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:It’s probably being nominated by Palmer’s and winning the Dairy Manager of the Year at the Bozzuto’s Excellence Awards.A great experience – proud to work here.

Favorite Hobbies:Cooking, dining out and golf. I like to travel and enjoy Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Orlando theme parks. I have also been to Europe eight times as well as Australia, New Zealand and Morocco.

Ken Crosby


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:I became friendly with an older gentleman and his wife who would come on weekends to visit their son in town. One dayI joked about coming over for lunch because I served them more than they asked for and they said, “Yes, we would love for you to attend our picnic.” So I did and it was a great time.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:Our assorted Chicken Salads. We have a great variety: Classic, Curry, and Apricot.

Marylou WIlliams


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:Working with friendly people and customers. I just really enjoy the connection with customers.

Favorite Palmer’s Product:I have a few favorite Palmer’s products. I like our Deli & Bakery. I lovebananas, our coffee cake muffin or orange cranberry muffin.

Favorite Hobbies:I love crafts,music, dancing, bingo and going to the casino.

Angelo Manginelli


Favorite Palmer’s Memory:I love when I would juggle lemons or limes for the kids. Also, every morning I’m singing and serenading the customers. Making them smile is my biggest accomplishment.

Favorite Palmer’s Product: My favorite Palmer’s product is theDanishes from the Bakery.

Favorite Hobbies:Playing softball and spending time with my Grandkids.

Tabitha Riccio


Favorite Palmer’s Memory: I love the people. Over time, you get your usual customers and get to know them by name and you know their usual order.

Favorite Palmer’s Product: Chicken Apricot Salad from the Deli and Key Lime Pie from the Bakery.

Favorite Hobbies:I like to read and in the summerI love to go to the beach.


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