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Andalusia 2017

05/13/17 – 05/21/17


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Palmer’s Tours is thrilled to offer this exciting equestrian tour to Andalusia, a region full of hills, rivers and farmland bordering Spain’s southern coast. Cindy Palmer’s relationship with International Grand Prix Dressage competitor and trainer, Marta Renilla has opened the opportunity to travel with the Renilla family on a personalized trip to their homeland and their horses. Antonio Renilla has vast experience and contacts in the regions and will be our guide. Antonio will take us to his favorite local restaurants and wineries.

Step out of your room at Iberostar Royal Andalus Hotel onto the spectacular La Barrosa beach in Cadiz. Become intoxicated by the sights and sounds at the Festival, sip sherry at Tio Pepe Winery, get exclusive behind the scenes access at the Royal Spanish Riding School, tour the ancient white towns, take a sunset horseback ride on the beach, visit the churches of Seville, meet the foals at the oldest breeding farm and enjoy magnificent shows featuring the amazing Andalusian horse.

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$4,500 per person

5/13/17 — 05/21/17 *SOLD OUT*
*6 person maximum

Novo Sancti Petri, Jerez, Cadiz, Medina-Sidonia, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville, Vejer de la Frontera, Castillo De Castellar

– Feria del Caballo (Festival of the Horse)
– Royal School of Equestrian Arts
– Horseback riding on La Barrosa Beach
– Tio Pepe Winery
– A Campo Abierto Bull Ranch
– Yeguada de la Cartuja

Breakfast Daily
Lunches Daily
(lunch is considered the ‘main course’ of the day in Spain)


05/13/17 – 05/21/17

Saturday, May 13th

Antonio will pick you up at the airport in Jerez (XRY) and you will have plenty of time to rest after your travels, sit by the beautiful pool or take a walk along the beach located directly outside of the hotel. This area of Cádiz is known for their magnificent beaches. The white sands of La Barrosa beach stretch for miles and the clear blue waters are simply irresistible.

You’ll meet the other travelers around 6 pm in the hotel lobby before heading out for our first group dinner!


JEREZ (Festival of the Horse)
Sunday, May 14th

This is one of Andalusia’s biggest festivals and it’s an incredible experience! Expect to be surrounded by the most beautiful horses in the world covered in fringe and bells, aristocratic-looking male riders decked out in their finest traditional costumes, women in flamenco dresses and hundreds of tents full of home-style food and wine…it is a sight for the eyes and the ears.  

You’ll dine in one of the more than 200 casitas (tents) with Antonio and his friends. At the table, you’ll be enjoy traditional Spanish food and drink—and—you may even want to join in on the dancing and merriment! Today is a most memorable day and one of the special highlights of this trip!


Monday, May 15th

Cádiz is a beautiful city that stands on a peninsula jutting out into a bay and is almost entirely surrounded by water. It is believed to be the oldest city in western Europe. Today you’ll tour Cathedrals and walk around the headlands where you’ll pass through beautiful parks, taking in all of the sweeping views of the bay.

Cádiz has some of the freshest fish in Spain and today you’ll experience it in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the harbor. After lunch you’ll have plenty of free time to shop in the local stores or simply explore the town.


Tuesday, May 16th

Today, we will head back to Jerez to see a spirited performance of the magnificent “dancing stallions” at the Fundación Real Escuela del Arte Equestre. The school is devoted to conserving the ancestral abilities of the Andalusian horse, maintaining the classical traditions of Spanish baroque horsemanship, preparing horses and riders for international dressage competitions, and providing education in all aspects of horsemanship.

Antonio’s personal connections at the School provide us access finest seats at the show and an also exclusive “behind the scenes” tour during the intermission.  You will meet the horses, visit the stables, watch the riders warm up for the show and tour the incredible tack room.  This is an amazing experience that very few people are allowed. You will also be allowed to take videos and pictures, which is not permitted at the show!


Wednesday, May 17th

Today we will take a beautiful drive through the windflower strewn countryside to A Campo Abierto, an Andalusian Ranch. Here we will meet the majestic bulls raised for the bull fights, along with the Cows and their calves, the gentle Oxen mares with their foals and Andalusian mares and foals. It is a wonderfully fun and educational show!

A visit to Jerez de la Frontera, well known for its wines, horses and flamenco and preserves a historic centre that has been declared a historic artistic site. One of the noblest towns in Cádiz brings together the splendor of aristocratic palaces with the popular flavor of traditional Andalusian houses. We will have a wonderful lunch in the historic center of this beautiful town.


Thursday, May 18th

Seville is a 3,000 year old city that has been greatly influenced by Arabic culture. The Roman features remaining are an aqueduct, a temple on Mármoles Street and the columns of Hercules. The walls surrounding the city were originally built during the rule of Julius Caesar. No visit to Seville is complete without seeing the Seville Cathedral, built in 1401-1519. The towers of the cathedral were built with ramps to allow people on horseback to ride to the top. You can walk up into these towers and have a magnificent view of the city. Shopping in Seville is wonderful and we will leave a few hours to explore the shops after lunch.


Friday, May 19th

The town of Vejer de la Frontera is a Moorish looking hilltop town located 190 meters above sea level. Vejer is a picturesque town full of white-washed houses, narrow winding streets and excellent food & wine. Today, the town still retains much of the wall surrounding the old part of town. Many of the streets are too narrow for cars, and as you walk around, if you look through an open doorway you are likely to see beautiful inner patios with lots of flowers and plants. Many parts of the town have views to the sea and you can even see the Moroccan coast on a clear day. We will enjoy our superb moroccan inspired lunch at El Jardin del Califa.

This afternoon we will enjoy a beautiful sunset horseback ride on the gorgeous La Barrosa Beach. You must be an experienced rider to participate in the ride as we gallop along the beach and through the water on the amazing Andalusian horses.


Saturday, May 20th

The Yeguada de la Cartuja is considered to be the origin of the Pure Spanish Horse (Pura Raza Española). For three centuries, the Carthusian monks established a breeding stock which, through time, would be converted into one of the most celebrated and appreciated stocks in the world.

We will be accompanied by a guide who will give us a tour of the facility including the Stallion Yard, Mare Barn with their foals, Harness Room and Coach Houses. They will provide detailed explanations of the farm and history of the horses and features of the breed. The visit will also include a magnificent show in the covered dressage ring. You will watch teams of driving horses, a long lining exhibition, free-running colts of different ages, classical dressage and “cobras” of mares (a group of mares tied together with one handler). This is definitely a very, very special day and is a wonderful finish to the tour.


Sunday, May 21st

This you will be taken to the airport for your flights home. Please provide all you flight information to Palmer’s Tours as soon as possible.


Antonio Renilla

Owner of Woodlands Equestrian Club, Antonio Renilla, is a business consultant and entrepreneur with a strong passion for food, wine and horses. Originally from Zamora (Castilla y León), Antonio and his wife Griselda divide their time between his Equestrian center in Houston and second homes in Madrid and Andalusia.

Antonio has relationships with the Royal School of Jerez, and as a horse passionate and former banker, he has developed friendships with vintners, local entrepreneurs and flamenco musicians all over Spain. Over the years, he has developed a keen sense of quality foods and wines which he passionately shares with new friends through his unique tours, tastings and meals. He confesses it is an enormous pleasure for him to share his country’s culture and looks forward for this upcoming Spring trip.


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